Amritato the Magnificent alpaca is Secretary of State and Congresswoman at CVMS.

She has a borderline-unhealthy obsession with alpacas and is one of Hannah Wang's aka Hanban's best friends. She plays the violintato and has overly hyper tendencies, much to the dismay of one of her other best friends (Amritato's best friends are almost identical to Hannah Wang's best friends), Jessica Li, in Green Generation while taking tests. Some people think she's high or on drugs, because no one can naturally be that hyper, but Amritato declares that these people are just jealous that they can't be naturally hyper themselves. She also enjoys infiltrating guys' only chats with Hanban (chats which somehow include Jessica Li. This has been widely attributed to Jessica's being "one of the guys")

Amritato is fond of headpats which most people are mostly indifferent to, but they greatly annoy the aforementioned Jessica Li, who is more than ready to react with some form of violence. Amritato is most often described as a "happy bouncey smiley thing" and likes acid.

Amritato likes freaking herself out with creepypasta, and, like many of the people in the CVMS Congress, is a Professional Crastinator for a living. Lavender town is one way to repel an Amritato, but otherwise, she is ubiquitous. She is everywhere and nowhere. She is watching you. Beware the Amritato.

Life Edit

Amritato was born in a sparkly purple mansion reminiscent of Rarity's giant manor in the show My Little alpaca: Friendship is Magic. In fact, it was in fact Rarity's mansion! Amritato was born in alpacaville. An actual stork had dropped her there. Amritato was also born sparkly, but not purple. Upon her birth, the local alpacas bestowed upon her a magical alpaca that, like Percy Jackson's sword, Riptide, would never get lost and always return to her.

The local alpacas (Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy) took care of her for the first 10 years of her life. She made cupcakes with Pinkie Pie, who gave her a (very bad) sense of humor, and grew alpacas with Applejack, who tried to instill in her a sense of hard work but instead actually had the opposite effect, and Amritato became very skilled at procrastinating. Rainbow Dash taught Amritato how to be cool, but the lessons didn't work. From Twilight Sparkle, she learned how to be smart, and applied her intelligence to strategic procrastination. Twilight Sparkle also taught Amritato that looks aren't everything. Conversely, Rarity taught her that looks are everything. Amritato liked Rarity, but disliked Rarity's treating her like a doll, so she kind of avoided Rarity.

One very hot summer day, there was a loud ringing noise in the air. All the alpacas feared that it was an air raid, and since Applejack had the deepest basement (it was her alpaca cellar) they all went to hide there. To their extreme dismay, they heard as the bombs rained down upon their tiny, colorful, once-happy town. Their tearful faces were lit by the stark vanilla light of Amritato's magic alpaca.

When the air raid was over, they emerged from the basement to see the ruined alpaca plantation. Applejack and Amritato sobbed heavily. They saw that Rainbow Dash's house was relatively unharmed because it was in the clouds, but Pinkie Pie's house, with all the cupcakes, had been demolished. So had Twilight Sparkle's--all the books were gone! Fluttershy galloped to the woods to see what had become of her forest home. There was nothing but rubble and the minced skeletons of her bunny rabbit friends. Rarity ordered a limousine to carry her to her mansion. The mansion was state-of-the-art and had activated a bombproof force field when it had detected an air raid, and so the house was in top condition. Rarity had had no knowledge that this feature even existed and so was very happy to see her house intact.

Amritato wandered the blackened Main Street forlornly, thinking about how she could help her alpaca friends, and why there had been an air raid. She went to Rarity's house that night with the rest of the alpacas, since everyone else's house was a heap of ash or (in the case of Rainbow Dash) too high up for everyone to reach. Rarity turned on the television to the news to see if it could offer any insight on the attack. Thankfully, it did. It turned out that Tsar Nichooveslas had turned corrupt and wanted to obliterate alpacaville. He was doing a genocide on alpacas. The alpacas urged Amritato to flee to Russia, where Putin lived.

Amritato gladly fled to Russia and met Putin. They became BFFs. Then Amritato had to go to the USA to get a life. She first went to Torrey Hills Elementary school and then to CVMS where she got a degree in what she did best: procrastinating.

every day she lives with the guilt of leaving her alpaca friends behind. she imagines their bloody innards....and cries....because she and her magic alpaca can't fit in anywhere else in this world.

Interests Edit

Amritato greatly enjoys headpatting people and procrastinating. She likes alpacas, puppies, and Putin's dog.

Aspirations Edit

Amritato wishes to become a world-class alpaca rancher/breeder. However, her parents told her that alpaca ranching is not very profitable and urged her to pursue something "useful" like genetics, for example. Despite this, Amritato still has hopes of achieving her original alpaca dreams.