• Eternalgodofpotatoes

    Many people see me talking about Putin a lot and they're like "WTF man? Do you have a frikin crush on him or something?" And I just roll my eyes. Just because I admire someone doesn't mean I want them to marry me, goddammit. 

    -George Washington was unanimously elected the 1st president of the USA, does that mean everyone wanted to marry him at the time?

    -When we vote at elections are we actually saying who we would like to be our future husbands/wives?

    -People admire  Jesus Christ but does that mean that they all want to have his babies or give him a passionate smooch on the lips?

    The answer to ALL these questions is: OF COURSE NOT. HEEEELLLL NO. 

    By the same reasoning, I do not have a crush on Vladimir Putin.

    Thank you for your time. 

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  • Eternalgodofpotatoes

    "So you think Putin is awesome? Are you a frikin commie?"

    When my dad told me the basics of communism I thought it was good. Like, everyone is equal and crap like that. But now I know real commienism isn't possible because HUMANS. There is only corrupted commienism and because of this, commienism is the absolute worst because it is most susceptible to breaking down bc of corrupted peoplez. 

    therefore, i am not a commie.

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