Hannah Wang

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Marshall Middle School


Marshall Middle School




Mr. Lord Alpaca

Hannah Wang is the Vice President of CVMS, and a Supreme Court Justice. She is known for her besties and ex-besties, along with the alpaca prize benefits they recieve.

Alpaca Clone Scandal Edit

When Sean Kim's alpaca looking clones were impeached in Congress, Wang described the impeachments as "uplifting".

Relationship with Paul Kreymborg (Alpaca 54) Edit

Chief Justice Paul Kreymborg is known to be afraid of Hannah Wang, mostly because of her warm alpaca fleece hug attacks on "besties" and "exbesties".

Hug Attacks on Sean Kim Edit

On January 20, 2015, Hannah Wang, Jennie Cao, and Andrew Vu imposed upon Sean Kim a hug attack, which caused him permanent brain damage and heat stroke from warm, fuzzy fleece.

Effects on the School Curriculum Edit

Hannah Wang's new school curriculum of wizardry proved useful in the East Korean invasion of CVMS on JULY 15, 2015 with alpacas

She also forced the video film students to work on an Attack on Titan live action film and a new Sherlock season.