Hannah Wang

Date of Birth

Place of Birth


Current Residency

Alpacaland, California


Fanalpaca, Alpaca 39

Hannah Wang is a fantabulous narwhal who loves playing with her dog Athena, fanwarrioring, and singing at the top of her lungs (much to the annoyance of the uninteresting people around her). She is often accompanied in song by her current Bestie Zozo Alpaca. Her Best Friends include Zozo Zorrilla, Jenben the Jennie Bean, Jeanome the Jeanome, Jessie the Jessikarp, Chocho the Melon Chocho, Emily the Emily, Judith the Laughy Taffy, Mumbles the Mumbly Mumbler, and Amritato the Magnificent Potato.  

Besties and Exbesties Edit

Her current Bestie is Mr. Lord.

Hannah Wang's Ex-Besties include Alpaca,Alpaca, Alpaca, Alpaca, Alpaca, Alpaca, Alpaca, Jessie the Jessikarp, Alpaca, Alpaca, Alpaca, Mumbles the Mumbly Mumbler, Alpaca, Ashley the Angry Tangry, Alpaca, Alpaca, Alpaca, Alpaca, and many other insignificant Ex-Besties.   

Her Dusties, also known as Bestie Advisors, are Jenben the Jennie Bean and Caroline Bao, Their purpose is to advise Hannah on suitable Alpacas as well as other important matters.

Personality Edit

Hannah also enjoys giving people hugs and pats on the alpaca fleece.

Rusty the dalek by lemiken-d5narlj