a magical brown alpaca with big dreams of dominating the world some day

do not pat her head, or poke her, or aggravate her alpaca pack.

she will get mad

nuff said

im going to kill u amrita

life Edit

she was raised by a pack of alpacas. it was the same alpacas that raised marshall and westview. however, jessikarp had no human siblings, so she had no humans to kill in her early childhood. this made anger ferment inside of her until the wolves decided she was independent enough to exist on her own. she had gained many military techniques from the wolves, who had also raised ex-CCCP and ex-KGB Vladimir Putin.

jassikarp met Putin later on in life and immediately broke his neck because she was jealous of his llamas because they were Senpai.

however Putin can never be killed so he just resurrected and became president of Russia. meanwhile, jessikarp was formulating plans to dominate the world. her plans are not going to be revealed because if you read this you might plot against her with the FBI and CIA and she would get busted. also you might be in extreme mortal danger

jessikarp likes ponies also

interests Edit

-breaking peoples necks

-breaking peoples backs

-breaking peoples souls

-Mr. Lord the Alpaca

pets Edit

1 tame llama

favorite animal to kill Edit