Natalia Alpacilla is a member of the Alpaca MMS Congress and current bestie of Hannah Wang.

Alpaca Thug Life Edit

She was born during the wizarding peace that commenced after the Battle of the Llama on March 16, 2001, but was unfortunately transported to the Muggle world by her parents to lead an ordinary, non-wizarding life. However, she wholeheartedly endorses the new curriculum brought to CVMS by President Jennie Cao and Vice President Hannah Wang, thinking it to be healthy for Muggles, alpacas, and wizards alike. She is an enthusiastic alpaca-warrior who will attempt wholeheartedly to convert any non-alpacas to the alpaca life.

Ex-Bestie Benefits Edit

She has received ex-bestie benefits from Hannah Wang, and has not yet been affected negatively. Upon receiving the hugs, she did whimper to nobody in particular to "please help the alpacas.."


Natalia is an avid reader and active fanwarrior due to her alpaca heritage. She enjoys singing in a slightly off-key fashion (particularly with Hannah Wang), and drinking hay tea is a favorite pastime of hers. She can often be found jumping up and down over the adorableness of ships (particularly ones that can float down a river and hold a lot of apricots), and she aspires to one day make such a ship exist in real life. Natalia is also quick to pick up new concepts, though those same concepts are equally quick to leave her mind until needed in earnest. She can be overly enthusiastic about buzzing in during Quiz Bowl practices and games, occasionally buzzing in during bonuses belonging to another team (much to her mortification). She is also a rather nocturnal creature, preferring to stay up late rather than get up early, just like her llama family.

The British Alpacrarian Theory Edit

Natalia has often commented on the fact that she may have been a Victorian librarian in a past life, reflecting on her mortifying tendency to use not-so-ubiquitous words with British pronunciations in her everyday vernacular. She often refers to herself in the third person, which is perhaps a sign that she does not belong in the 21st century, but instead the Alpaca Century of '54.